Winter is on its way.

Please excuse the long spell of no blogs for you to read. Where does the time go? I know I am in the business of making time for others…so sometimes time for write a blog is hard to come by!

Winter is coming and nothing reminded me of that fact more than this past weekend when our boiler decided to play up. It is that time of the year when these things come along to test us. I would recommend booking in a service just so you don’t end up like we did a few years ago with our boiler failing to work just two days before Christmas Day! It’s a good thing to have a group of trusted plumbers who I can turn to in a crisis.

It’s also time for nicer things to happen…I start to prepare clients’ Christmas Card labels, so all they have to do is write the cards and post…I look for innovative gifts and I help my clients get their home ready for Christmas with all the little (or larger) items that need to be sourced, bought and delivered.

It’s the busiest time of the year for Dickory Dock and believe it or not we love it and always look forward to it!

With a few days left to the end of November, think about what you need help with and, if you wish an extra pair of hands around, give me a call!