Dickory Dock Concierge & Lifestyle Management

“If using Dickory Dock started as a luxury it has now become an essential part of life!”

Are you having problems finding enough hours in the day or does the to-do list become longer rather than disappear? Would you like more quality time with your family and friends? Do you need some urgent assistance or a quick helping hand?

Dickory Dock was one of the first to offer these services in Scotland and we’ve been around since 2005 – we love to help our busy individual clients get a better work-life balance. We also enjoy helping businesses help their own clients or staff.

Call me on 0141 942 2825 for a chat about how we can help you make more of that valuable commodity – time.

You’ll be surprised at what we can do for you!

  • Concierge Services & Lifestyle Management
  • Business support
  • Errand running
  • Virtual Assistance
  • PA & Secretarial Services


  • Busy Professionals
  • Legal Firms and Tax Planners
  • Visiting & Relocating Executives
  • Retired Professionals

We offer:

  •  Experience
  •  Insurance
  •  Good supplier relationships
  •  We can work anywhere
  •  No membership fees
  •  We give you a discreet service


These three words describe our ethos at Dickory Dock. We like to find solutions and solve your problems with efficiency, speed and professionalism. We’re here if you find you need help for the odd hour or if you don’t have the time for those tasks on the to-do list. We offer ad-hoc or regular services for your personal or business life. We aim to provide a first class, professional service to all our clients.

If you’re stuck, give us a call as we’d love to help you!